Our mission

Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) helps visionary radiology practices position themselves for long-term success.

We believe through collaboration, radiology groups gain the necessary business intelligence and requisite imaging workflow management resources to thrive.

At IRP, we’re dedicated to securing your practice’s future.


IRP, The IMP Solution for Radiology Practices™, was created for the purpose of delivering a full suite of tightly integrated practice management oversight and business intelligence solutions tailored specifically for radiology group practices, outpatient imaging centers, and other radiology procedure service providers and enterprises.

In addition, IRP facilitates the development of fully integrated, non-competing Radiology Group Collaborations, which uniquely position practices for continued growth and success within their markets.

Integrated Medical Partners’ team of professionals recognized the changes in healthcare reimbursement and collaborative health as an opportunity to help their clients succeed. They employ their radiology experts to support IRP, The IMP Solution for Radiology Practices™. The resulting benefit is highly specialized strategic business and consulting services that effectively and successfully position clients for the future.


Using Analytics to Reduce Unspecified Diagnoses


While most physician practices and health systems implemented ICD-10 with only minor snares along the way, some groups did report a decline in productivity as coders rushed to become familiar with the new code set. Fortunately, the specialty of radiology only uses about 4 percent of the 68,000 codes within the ICD-10 set, significantly narrowing […]

Radiology ICD-10 Readiness

August 31, 2015 Oct. 1 is rapidly approaching, and no medical specialty, including radiology, will be exempt from ICD-10’s industry-wide overhaul. Read More–>



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