Business & Clinical Intelligence

Secure Your Practice’s Future

Gain the Business and Clinical Intelligence to Adapt to Shifting Hospital Priorities

Integrated Radiology Partners’ (IRP) analytics and decision support solutions provide the quality information and resources to promote organizational improvement.

Data in itself is meaningless without the ability to interpret and capitalize on it. And information is getting more complicated by the day. IRP enables radiology leadership to manage and mine critical, comprehensive and trusted business and clinical data sets.

In addition, IRP has a team of radiology business experts who help leverage this information into actionable solutions that drive improved clinical and business performance.


Decision Support



Our radiology solutions include comprehensive, client-focused reporting services. System interoperability grants our team the ability to analyze and strategize based on detailed billing reports.

  • Client-driven management reporting and analysis

  • Tailored reports from our owned billing software

  • Benchmarking



IRP offers best in class radiology coding from an internal team of certified coders with deep experience in radiology, who understand the radiology-specific coding issues. IRP serves radiology practices nationwide, allowing staff to be familiar with multiple state and carrier-specific coding guidelines.

  • CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coding

  • Coding, review and radiologist training

  • Coders trained in dictation best practices

  • Team of coders accessible for complex coding situations

  • Work closely with A/R managers on medical necessity challenges

Revenue Cycle


IRP’s dedicated and experienced staff specializes in radiology billing and accounts receivable management solutions. Our professionals consistently work to maximize revenue by implementing our thorough and expeditious billing solutions.

Optimized billing operations:

  • Managed care contract review

  • Evaluate payor trends and fee schedules

  • Integrate with emerging payment models

  • Comprehensive receivables management

  • Electronic claims filing and payment posting

  • Systematic denial management


  • ICD-10 coding trained and enabled

  • HIPAA and Red Flag compliant

Maximized reimbursements:

  • Full charge capture and verification

  • Detailed payment variance analysis

  • Complete claim resolution orientation

  • Comprehensive A/R management and collections follow-up


Business & Clinical Applications

Callout: Improve Business Management Processes through Collaborative Care

The most successful radiology practices provide value-based support to their hospital system clients and patients. Forward-thinking radiology leadership achieve this by acknowledging the significance of care coordination to the collaborative provision of care to patients.

IRP employs technology designed to promote collaborative care such as utilization management applications, which evaluate the appropriateness and efficacy of select radiology services. Our radiology clients are able to provide economic consultation and support in determining imaging appropriateness and utilization. Appropriate imaging utilization is a key determinant of collaborative care success. An engaged, informed ordering physician base is more conscious of their radiologic studies prescription decisions, resulting in improved costs and positive patient experiences.

By taking advantage of the IRP clinical application technology, radiology leadership implement protocols to create a culture that functions by counselling and thorough training. This encourages ordering physicians to request the most appropriate studies for care, thereby increasing their value to clients immensely.

IRP Clinical Practice Applications:

  • Optimize business processes

  • Increase practice throughput

  • Maximize resource utilization

  • Facilitate collaborative care

  • Create a value-based organization

Imaging Workflow Management

Best-in-class Distributed Imaging Solutions Enable Practices to Optimize Resources

Healthcare reform and an increasingly competitive marketplace challenge radiology practices to improve efficiency and maximize capacity if they want to survive. For radiologists, this means utilizing technology tools to completely integrate their workflow.

IRP Managed Imaging Workflow is a distributed imaging solution that helps clinicians improve across the board in efficiency, profitability, and quality while expanding practices’ ability to add subspecialty offerings. By utilizing this technology, without working harder, radiologists can read more studies, more effectively, in less time.

IRP Workflow Management enables:

  • A Unified worklist
  • Enhanced dictations
  • Advanced performance reporting
  • Automated peer review
  • Critical results notification


The Future of Practice Analytics: Precise, Transparent, and Prescriptive

Well-structured analytics convert data into actionable information and valuable knowledge, resulting in better informed decision making, the tracking of progress over time, and strategic planning for the future.

Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) seamlessly integrates your complete universe of clinical and financial data into a single, unified, online platform. From this platform, you can dive deep into your practice’s massive data pool and conduct root cause analysis that you can use to enhance practice performance from the revenue cycle to the delivery of care.


IRP facilitates review of your practice’s information across the entire analytics spectrum*

*Based on the Gartner Analytics model.

  • Descriptive: What happened?
  • Diagnostic: Why did it happen?
  • Predictive: What will happen?
  • Prescriptive: How can we make it happen?

IRP Analytics:

  • Transform raw data into actionable information
  • Manage and mine comprehensive, critical business and clinical information
  • Forecast future organizational metrics
  • Introduce predictive and prescriptive analyses into your practice
  • Optimize strategic planning
  • Empower senior management

Decision Support

Thrive in the Future with Confidence

Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) team members have deep radiology expertise. Drawing upon industry-wide practice data sets, our team offers an objective perspective on your practice and augments business planning by bringing your practice’s data to life with customized actionable solutions.

Our seasoned personnel know the industry standards and best practice procedures. They offer support for critical business decisions and show you the data that backs it up. By translating analytics into business development strategies, they empower you to take control of your practice’s future.

IRP Decision Support:

  • Strategize for the future
  • Position your practice for long-term independent success
  • Differentiate successfully
  • Empower senior practice leadership

Managing Radiology Datasets to Achieve Success


February 12, 2014

There is little question that consolidation and integration in the health-care sector is in full force and will continue to dominate the landscape in 2014—given the markedly high level of healthcare entities merger and acquisition activity in 2013, of that we can be certain. Price compression, consumerism and regulatory influence are creating an environment in which scale is critical to success, both in order to enhance competitiveness and to enable continued access to, and influence with those customers who will be shaping healthcare delivery in their markets and the roles their partners will play in any emerging transformation and alignment they bring to the market.

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Beyond Collaboration


February 12, 2014

As my partner Doug Smith is fond of saying, the awakening period for hospitals is upon us. As a result, they are driving alignment of practices designed to provide improved care outcomes. They, too, are realizing they need to consolidate to take advantage of coordinated care relationships and the accompanying patient and service data, which they can then leverage for optimal performance in the new care and reimbursement paradigm.

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