Integrated Radiology Partners Announces Mid-Year Collaborative Partnerships


Radiology groups secure their future with IRP’s comprehensive practice solutions

Milwaukee, Sept. 1, 2016 — Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) announced today their mid-year partnerships among like minded radiology groups across the country. By coming together as collaboratives, practices Read More

Masterful Image and Workflow Management, Minus the IT Staff and Capital Costs


November 04, 2015

Achieving unprecedented clinical and business efficiencies. Winning new business. Brandishing vanguard-level technology prowess while employing zero IT staff. Such are the returns mid-size radiology practices are realizing from their selection of the cloud-based, hardware-agnostic IRP/Plexus Imaging Workflow Management system. Read More

Distributed Imaging Unified Workflow Brings Better Outcomes


November 4, 2015

Any distributed workflow solution worth its salt helps radiologists work at the top of their clinical skill set, maximize their productivity and fully integrate their workflow with that of the rest of their practice—and, ultimately, with the workflow of the ordering physician, practice or provider organization. Read More

Affiliation Is The Answer To Consolidation, Now More Than Ever


July 19, 2015

We’re only halfway through the current calendar year, and already radiology practice in the U.S. has been jolted by not one but two major transactions. In January, Sheridan, the multispecialty physician-services division of AmSurg Corp, purchased Radisphere Radiology for an undisclosed amount. In May, Mednax Inc., the $2 billion health-services company mostly focused on neonatal, pediatric and anesthesia services, snapped up Virtual Radiologic (vRad) for $500 million.  READ MORE

Independent Radiology Practice, it’s 2015. Do you know how your hospital sees you?


July 19, 2015

The question in the headline is not open-ended and philosophical. It is multiple-choice and strategic, as any given hospital or multi-hospital system now inevitably perceives its contracted radiology practices as occupying ground in one of only three possible capacities. READ MORE

Top tips on making joint ventures tip top


 April 15, 2015

While independence once held great value and autonomy, joint ventures (JVs) now allow radiology groups of all sizes to work smarter. Radiology practices benefit from the clinical and business intelligence and improved performance analytics JVs can bring, as well as the potential for predictive and prescriptive analytics, increased access to radiology capacity and sub-specialized radiology talent, benchmarking and economies of scale. Read More

Liftoff at last for JV many months in the making

Two independent radiology practices in New York’s Hudson Valley have finalized a plan, three years in the works, to form a joint venture and begin actively inviting other groups to climb aboard. Read More…

Three words to the wise: ‘Get big fast’ Multispecialty outsourcing expert warns radiology of things to come

Change is coming to radiology in ways the profession could not have anticipated in a pre-Affordable Care Act world. The forces driving the change are many and varied—economic, regulatory, technology-enabled—but one common denominator has emerged as the “cardiopulmonary system” of the transformation: hospitals under intense pressure … Read whole article here

Taking our data to the next level in 2015: Q & A with Keith Chew

As senior vice president of Integrated Radiology Partners, (IRP) and also president of the Radiology Business Management Association, Keith Chew is a well-respected leader in our industry. He recently spent time with RadAnalytics to talk about his new role with IRP, the importance of applying analytics in radiology, and share his thoughts on radiology’s outlook for 2015. Read the whole article here.

New Market Needs; New Alignment Models


July 2, 2014

At the most recent meeting of the Radiology Business Management Association in Charlotte, a new model for independent group practice collaboration was proposed to practices around the country.The model allows independent practices to succeed and is an alternative to the traditional radiology group alignment models of merger, acquisition, or outright takeover by a hospital or a private equity group. These collaborations can take different forms, but they share the same underlying goals… READ MORE

Healthcare Industry Veteran Keith Chew Joins Integrated Medical Partners

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Oct. 1, 2014 —

Integrated Medical Partners (IMP), a full-service provider of profit-improvement solutions for medical practices announced today the addition of Mr. Keith E. Chew, MHA, CMPE as Managing Director, Strategic Positioning and Consulting Services. Mr. Chew will also have the same title with Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP), the IMP solution for Radiology Practices.

Mr. Chew joins IMP after serving McKesson Corporation as a senior strategic consultant. While at McKesson, his responsibilities included new venture development, medical practice operations and group practice contracting. Mr. Chew brings over 25 years of experience in working with clients in leadership and management development and is the current President of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) as well as the Chairman of the Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) Medical Imaging Assembly.
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Top 10 hospital needs from radiology

For most radiology practices, the customer is the hospital or health system they serve. To ensure long-term success in this relationship, practices must gain an understanding of their customer’s evolving needs while providing proactive solutions that help address them. It is no longer feasible for radiology to take a passive role with medical staff and hospital leadership.

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Allying and Aligning through Analytics


July 2, 2014

Radiology practices have long sought a solution to the consolidation occurring in their marketplaces, as well as the commoditization happening in their midst. The fundamental problem is delivering ever-higher levels of service and quality with diminished resources. “As an independent physician and radiology provider, I feel very strongly that an autonomous radiology practice is the best way to provide good patient care,” says Thomas Yu, MD, medical director at Advanced Radiology Solutions (Toms River, NJ). “We’re not responsible to shareholders, or a hedge fund, or a large corporation—we’re focused on our patients, our hospital partners and our community.”

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New White Paper from IRP – “A Radiology Practice Model For Supporting Integrated Delivery 2.0”

Milwaukee, WI. (June 30, 2014)
Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP), the proven leader in fostering independent radiology group collaboration and superior practice performance, has published a new white paper entitled “A Radiology Practice Model for Supporting Integrated Delivery 2.0”. The white paper is now available on the IRP website

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So You Want to Pursue Radiology Group Integration

There’s no question that radiology group integration of one form or another is a growing trend nationwide. Sparked by the consolidation occurring among hospitals and health systems, radiology practice integration is a way to maintain independence, autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit while gaining new efficiencies and economies of scale. If you’re a group considering integration, where do you start?

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Integrated Medical Partners Launches Radiology-Centric Solution, ‘Integrated Radiology Partners’ at 2014 RBMA Radiology Summit

To Promote Radiology Group Collaboration and Superior Practice Performance

Milwaukee, WI. (May 5, 2014)

Integrated Medical Partners (IMP) today launched Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP), a solution set specifically designed to address the evolving business and clinical needs of radiology practice leadership. The new brand was introduced at the Radiology Business Management Association’s 2014 Radiology Summit, May 4-7 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Managing Radiology Datasets to Achieve Success


February 12, 2014

There is little question that consolidation and integration in the health-care sector is in full force and will continue to dominate the landscape in 2014—given the markedly high level of healthcare entities merger and acquisition activity in 2013, of that we can be certain. Price compression, consumerism and regulatory influence are creating an environment in which scale is critical to success, both in order to enhance competitiveness and to enable continued access to, and influence with those customers who will be shaping healthcare delivery in their markets and the roles their partners will play in any emerging transformation and alignment they bring to the market.

Read the full Rad Analytics Article by Doug Smith.

Beyond Collaboration


February 12, 2014

As my partner Doug Smith is fond of saying, the awakening period for hospitals is upon us. As a result, they are driving alignment of practices designed to provide improved care outcomes. They, too, are realizing they need to consolidate to take advantage of coordinated care relationships and the accompanying patient and service data, which they can then leverage for optimal performance in the new care and reimbursement paradigm.

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