The Future of Practice Analytics: Precise, Transparent, and Prescriptive

Well-structured analytics convert data into actionable information and valuable knowledge, resulting in better informed decision making, the tracking of progress over time, and strategic planning for the future.

Integrated Radiology Partners (IRP) seamlessly integrates your complete universe of clinical and financial data into a single, unified, online platform. From this platform, you can dive deep into your practice’s massive data pool and conduct root cause analysis that you can use to enhance practice performance from the revenue cycle to the delivery of care.


IRP facilitates review of your practice’s information across the entire analytics spectrum*

*Based on the Gartner Analytics model.

  • Descriptive: What happened?
  • Diagnostic: Why did it happen?
  • Predictive: What will happen?
  • Prescriptive: How can we make it happen?

IRP Analytics:

  • Transform raw data into actionable information
  • Manage and mine comprehensive, critical business and clinical information
  • Forecast future organizational metrics
  • Introduce predictive and prescriptive analyses into your practice
  • Optimize strategic planning
  • Empower senior management