Business & Clinical Applications

Callout: Improve Business Management Processes through Collaborative Care

The most successful radiology practices provide value-based support to their hospital system clients and patients. Forward-thinking radiology leadership achieve this by acknowledging the significance of care coordination to the collaborative provision of care to patients.

IRP employs technology designed to promote collaborative care such as utilization management applications, which evaluate the appropriateness and efficacy of select radiology services. Our radiology clients are able to provide economic consultation and support in determining imaging appropriateness and utilization. Appropriate imaging utilization is a key determinant of collaborative care success. An engaged, informed ordering physician base is more conscious of their radiologic studies prescription decisions, resulting in improved costs and positive patient experiences.

By taking advantage of the IRP clinical application technology, radiology leadership implement protocols to create a culture that functions by counselling and thorough training. This encourages ordering physicians to request the most appropriate studies for care, thereby increasing their value to clients immensely.

IRP Clinical Practice Applications:

  • Optimize business processes

  • Increase practice throughput

  • Maximize resource utilization

  • Facilitate collaborative care

  • Create a value-based organization