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The New Competitive Landscape for Radiology


January 27, 2015 The healthcare industry is rapidly changing for hospital-based physician practices. An overall trend of consolidation has emerged as the industry transitions to a value-based model.This has led to the creation of large, single-specialty companies with as many as 1,500 physicians, as well as large, multi-specialty management companies such as Sheridan Healthcare, Team […]

Happy Patients, Maximum Revenue? No Longer Mutually Exclusive: Part 3 of 3


October 13, 2014   A three-part discussion covering the leading trends in revenue cycle management for radiologists. In this installment of our revenue cycle management (RCM) discussion, we would like to discuss three recommendations for applying technology to maximize revenue and patient satisfaction. As we discussed previously, it’s our opinion that technology is only as […]



- March 22, 2018

AHRA survey: Most imaging providers have not upgraded all CR equipment

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To become leaders in AI, radiologists must address a variety of challenges

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How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote #onmute #clearemail

- March 16, 2018 Accurate AI: Machine learning models identify findings in radiology reports

- March 16, 2018

Is your revenue cycle ready for value-based care? 5 strategies to improve your organization's financial strength